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Utilities: Affordable. Available. Accountable.

Rolla’s strategic mix of public/non-profit cooperative and private utility providers ensures the highest level of service at cost-competitive rates, with important added bonuses: genuine commitment to the community and timely responsiveness.


Electricity: Affordable rates combined with excellent available capacities make Rolla-St. James electricity a powerful resource for local growth. The region has three suppliers: the two municipalities and the non-profit member cooperative Intercounty Electric, which first began business in 1936. Non-profit local suppliers work exclusively for customers; as there are no shareholders to pay, funds may be reinvested into service and equipment. With municipal and cooperative service, residents and local businesses are the stakeholders who reap the dividends in excellent service and maximum accountability.

Water: In the Rolla-St. James region, clean, clear water is drawn from deep in the Ozark aquifer (18 wells for the city of Rolla alone) with the water managed and distributed municipally. Municipally sourced water offers a number of benefits, including the assurance of the best possible rates and exceptional quality.  Beautiful waters are part of our identity in Rolla-St. James; high-capacity, affordable water is one of our business advantages. Local municipal control insures wise stewardship of this precious resource.
ncentives may be available for large utility users, depending upon load factors and job creation factors.

Gas: As Missouri’s third largest distributor of natural gas, serving more than 125,000 customers in 90 counties, Ameren Natural Gas brings ample resources to bear in maintaining its more than 3,200 distribution and transmission lines. As a Fortune 500 regional energy provider, Ameren has shown real commitment to sustainability; as an economic development partner, Ameren is also committed to a flourishing business environment, offering competitive rates and superior service.

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