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Letter from St. James Mayor


Promises, promises, promises.

There are many cities that may promise the moon to prospective industry and business. However, in St. James, business and industry has found a city of true promise - a city that has what it takes to do what it takes to meet your company’s requirements for success.

The St. James advantage begins with a small governing body that insures leadership agile and able to provide timely decisions and fast support, especially when it’s most needed. We follow through from the start.

In St. James, we’re also ready to work. An available and dependable labor force offers diverse skills and a genuine willingness to tackle any new challenge. Time and again, our workers have proven adept at learning to earn. This critical human resource, combined with customized training through our local community college, helps get your operation up and running productively and profitably.

The St. James location positions companies large and small for access and success. Businesses of all sizes thrive here, including the Wal Mart distribution center, the St. James Winery and Tacony Manufacturing, maker of high quality vacuum cleaners. Tacony’s St. James facility has tripled in size in ten years - growth that Plant Manager Jim Fleming attributes to St. James’ great location and great workforce.

St. James is close enough to St. Louis to afford your business the convenience of a metropolitan area, yet far enough away to leave metropolitan issues behind. In fact, while our financial incentives are excellent, our intangibles are equally impressive in a city where every year is a “vintage year” in quality of life.

So take a look at the facts, and look for true promise - promise we think will lead you to St. James.


Mayor Dennis I. Wilson

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