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Rolla-St. James success: Thinking locally. Leading globally.

Call it the X factor— the excellence factor, that is: Those unique qualities that propel global leaders to the top of their markets. And in Rolla-St. James those global leaders are succeeding across a variety of sectors, from high-tech products to high-nutritional pet foods.

Brewer Science: In an industry where the speed of innovation is blistering and the competition is white hot, Brewer Science maintains a competitive edge through continual breakthroughs in products and markets. Today Brewer products are ubiquitous, key components in everything from memory and logic devices to flash drives, cell phones, computers, LED lighting and automotive sensors. A leading manufacturer of semi-conductors and process technology, Brewer is also opening new opportunities in anti-reflective coatings, optoelectronics, process and equipment solutions for lithography and nanotechnology. Knowledge and technology are key drivers; a skilled and agile workforce and a strategic location are also critical—assets Rolla-St. James has delivered, most recently in the company’s expansion with a new high volume facility manufacturing next-generation micro-devices at the Rolla Airport Industrial Park.

MO-SCI: As a maker of glass for specialty and healthcare applications, MO-SCI offers a clear competitive advantage in innovation and comprehensive service. Working as a collaborative partner in developing applications that answer all client needs, MO-SCI can take products from the conceptual and development stage all the way through finished product. As a go-to supplier for Fortune 500 companies, MO-SCI focuses on multiple areas of interest, including energy, healthcare, automotive and military applications. Revolutionary glass nano-fibers are improving the prognosis for liver cancer treatment as well as wound care. The brainchild of a former Missouri S&T faculty member, MO-SCI is a home-grown success that is saving lives and changing the world.

Royal Canin: Over 50 different nutrients must be balanced to create the ideal nutrition for cats and dogs—no easy task as species come in all different sizes, ages, breeds, lifestyles and needs. Scienti fic formulation is the key to Royal Canin’s precise nutritional solution. The company was founded in France in 1968 by a veterinary surgeon; today Royal Canin manufactures and distributes its products globally. Since ch oosing Missouri for its U.S. corporate headquarters, the company has opened two state-of-the-art facilities in Rolla to produce dry foods. In Rolla, excellent transportation and a dedicated workforce help put Royal Canin food on distributors’ shelves—even as the food flies off those shelves as the quality choice of discriminating pet owners.

Tacony Corporation Begun in 1946 in founder Nick Tacony’s basement where he made and sold sewing machines, the Tacony Corporation has grown to become a diversified manufacturer of products ranging from sewing machines to ceiling fans. Foresight has been an important factor in the company’s success. In 1995, as outsourcing was on the upswing Tacony Manufacturing saw the potential in this region and closed down its overseas vacuum manufacturing to open a facility in St. James. With state and local support, the company earned ISO certification and implemented lean manufacturing techniques. More than one million vacuum cleaners have been made at the St. James facility, where operations have expanded to include the production of zone room heaters.

Walmart Distribution Center: The trucks are rolling and products are on the move 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the Walmart Distribution Center #6069 in St. James, where approximately 1,100 employees staff the 1.2 million-square-foot facility supplying 99 Walmart stores in Missouri and western Illinois.  Walmart rolls out an excellent welcome mat to the approximately 400 trucks that deliver to and from the Center daily—a specially built 3,800-foot, two-lane connecting road to Highway 68. That road, built through the Community Block Grant Program, was part of Rolla-St. James’ warm welcome to Walmart. The welcome package also included a nearly $500,000 improvement to Highway 68 by the Missouri Department of Transportation, as well as the bond-financed purchase of the land and the construction of the distribution center by the city of St. James, which leases the facility to Walmart. (In 2021, the company can exercise the option to purchase the facility; in the meantime, Walmart donates $350,000 annually to St. James schools.) Together, Walmart and Rolla-St. James are creating jobs and prosperity for the next generation.

St. James Winery: In a tech savvy region like Rolla-St. James, it’s probably not surprising that the Saint James Winery has the ancient art of winemaking down to a science. Founded some 40 years ago, the winery employs top viticulturists to match microclimate and soil type for more than 15 varieties of grapes grown in Missouri Ozark vineyards that spread out over 160 acres. Deploying modern production techniques like drain tiles and mechanical harvesting allows the winery to produce a consistent crop year after year, while the wine cellar’s state-of-the-art equipment assures the kind of quality that has made St. James one of the nation’s top ten most medaled wineries every year for the past decade. With a product high in quality, the winery is also impressive in its production quantity; massive cellar operations encompass 60 stainless steel tanks ranging in size from 350 gallons to 25,500 gallons, with a bottling line that runs 50 to 60 bottles per minute and can bottle up to 6,000 gallons per day. St. James produces; America savors.

ESDEMC Technology LLC: From lab to launch, this aggressive startup is an excellent exemplar of the synergies that Missouri S&T brings to the region. Focused on electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic charge (EMC), ESDEMC was founded by a group of engineers, professors and students who met at the University’s Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, a public/private collaboration that has become one of the nation’s leading EMC research groups. ESDEMC designs, manufactures and markets ESD and EMC related products including new test solutions based on new standards as well as customized turn-key test solutions. ESDEMC is co-located with the University at the Innovation Center, located in the Hy Point Industrial Park.

My Father’s World: Founders David and Marie Hazell have a pioneering spirit born of deep faith. In the 1990s, these two educators spent eight years in Russia and Siberia where they worked on the very first Bible translation in the Evenki language, eventually working on Bible translation projects for more than 70 minority languages of the former Soviet Union. After returning to the states in 2000, they began new pioneering work developing My Father’s World curricula, supporting faith-based home schooled students from preschool through high school. More than 65 professional and support staff are employed creating learning materials in various media.

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