Rolla National Airport Industrial and Technology Park
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About Us

The Rolla National Airport Industrial and Technology Park (RNAP) offers the advantages of being only 13 miles from a major Interstate artery (I-44) and having two 5500’ x 100’ runways adjacent to the park.  Originally built as a military facility, the airport can handle up to the very largest of private planes.  Services and hospitality are available at the newly constructed terminal building.  (under construction fall 2016)

Perhaps an even greater advantage offered by the RNAP is a commodity difficult to find in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains—large tracks of flat land.  The park offers 218 acres of developed land with an additional 300 acres that are available for major projects. 

The initial occupant of the industrial park illustrates that high technology can co-exist in a tranquil rural setting.  Brewer Science  ( ) is the developer and manufacturer of microelectronic materials, producing product for the worldwide technology hardware market.  The airport industrial park location complements their headquarters site just 15 miles away in Rolla. 

Companies located in the RNAP/Rolla area also benefit from accessibility to one of the finest schools of engineering in the country, Missouri University of Science and Technology ( Paired with the highly trained workforce associated with the retirees and spouses of Fort Leonard Wood, the population of almost 200,000 (within a 60 mile radius) takes on a perspective unique to rural areas.